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TechLaw.Fest 2019 : Speaking on The Legal Issues Facing a Smart Nation

Some scenes from Adrian’s days at #techlawfest 2019, including speaking on the ‘Legal Issues Facing a Smart Nation’ panel. 

Singapore has embarked on an ambitious multi-year Smart Nation initiative. How exactly do the Strategic National Projects come together to help fulfil the Smart Nation vision and what are the legal issues that these projects may raise? How might the work of lawyers change as the Smart Nation initiatives are realised? What might we be able to learn from private sector leaders in digitalisation? What are the opportunities for providers of legal technology and legal services? And what are the adaptations needed by the legal industry to play an active role in the Smart Nation vision?” from TLF programme page.

Thanks to excellent moderator Yeong Zee Kin, and fellow panelists Kok Yam, Ivan Koh, Steve Tan, & Jo Yeo for helping make the topic surprisingly amusing. Ranging from epayments to national digital identity and signatures, we also managed mentioning various other useful use cases, including for massage establishments. #smartnation #singapore #myinfo

Big congrats and thanks to all organising this year’s event! To more in the #legalinnovation and #legaltech space!


Photo credits : Tech Law Fest (as watermarked), Singapore Academy of Law (group shot), Adrian (brochure).

ps. If you are curious about Singapore’s Smart Nation Programme initiatives, do check out their site here. Especially the My Smart Ah Ma video series.

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