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TechLaw.Fest 2022 – Back to the Future (Metaverse Identity Edition)


Adrian took part in a panel at this year’s TechLaw.Fest 2022 along with representatives of academia, business, and the Singapore data regulator. Thanks to the panellists Benjamin, Neville, Arif, Zee Kin, and Arianne for the dialogue, and teaching new things. Very topical, exploring data issues through the dimensions of enterprise, immersive 3D worlds, and entertainment :

– Will the metaverse be seamless and interoperable?
– Will one be able to move an avatar (or a rare golden AK-47/handbag toting Smurf, in our panel) from one virtual world to another?
– What are some data protection concerns?
– And for particular interest for me, what have the gaming (and tech and social media) industries already done that suggests some answers to the ways of the metaverse to come?

ps Let’s not forget how awesome it was to finally be able to reconnect in person at a conference!

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The official synopsis extracted from the conference link

Also, for a limited time, for anyone who might want to watch the panel : 
“How does the law wrestle with protecting and securing identity online? Using the context of online gaming and the expanding metaverse as a context for the discussion, this panel explores three dimensions for securing identity across physical and digital reality. Brought into sharp focus are the issues of interoperability and portability of personal data across metaverse platforms. The panel will dive into an examination of the growing risk of “identity harms” from identity theft and doxxing, to the use and abuse of burner identities The panel will also discuss the implications of digital personas and physical-world identity on how personal data is framed and treated under laws and regulations governing their protection and use.”

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